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Syrian TV blames you-know-who for crisis in Ukraine

Guest post by DaveM

Wondering what exactly is going on in the Ukraine? Wonder no more as Syrian TV station Al Ikhbaria has all the answers!

They explain it all in their March 8 report entitled “The crisis is an opportunity to make the Jews emigrate to the Occupied Lands”.

No sooner had the flames of the Ukrainian crisis subsided on the media scene than new information emerged and has risen to the surface.

This time it’s the Palestine cause which is present in the Ukrainian scene, for dangerous secret hiding places [or places where someone or something bad lurks unnoticed] have become visible, and which are directly connected to the both the social and demographic make-up of Palestine.

The Zionist Lobby has a strong presence on the field in the Ukraine, a fact which has been clear right from the beginning of the events. And its goal was also clear: ignite the Ukrainian arena and strike at the stability on Russia’s Western border.

However it appears that this goal has other aspects which benefit Israeli interests. Sources state that the lobby is trying to get Ukrainian Jews to emigrate to the Occupied Lands. For the shaking of Ukraine’s stability is nothing other than the creation of a state of fear among Ukrainian Jews, compelling them them to go to Occupied Palestine.

Bernard Levy, the French Jew, had a strong presence in the Ukrainian events, especially when on the 9th of last month he took to the podium and addressed the protestors at Kiev’s Independence Square, just as he did in various Arab and non-Arab countries, doing so under the banners of the Arab Spring and the Colour Revolutions.

It was a hidden role but it became as clear as day. And as for all the confusion and turmoil in the struggle, that is nothing more than an intelligence service endeavour to instill fear in the Jews in various societies, and this time it’s the Ukraine.

This is being done in order to prevent any shortfall in the number of settlers needed for the strategic Israeli settlement plan. An Israeli role is clear, for the Zionist Eye always focuses on Palestine. And the other eye focuses on destruction, and the world just sits and watches.

So now we know. Thank you, Al Ikhbaria.

I strongly suspect that Al Ikhbaria based their report on this op-ed which appeared the day before on Al Mayadeen’s website, as the wording is virtually identical. Al Mayadeen is the pro-Assad Arabic TV station which employs this guy, paying him £78,000 a year to lecture its audience in English.

Given how Al Ikhbaria explained what’s going on in the Ukraine, I wonder what their interpretation will be of what happened to Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370. Something like this?