Lindsey German explains it all to you

If you actually thought the Stop the War Coalition might issue a peep of protest about Russia’s aggression in Crimea, honcho Lindsey German is here to set you straight.

Who is the aggressor? The obvious answer seems to be that it is Russia, but that is far from the whole picture.

Of course when Israel responds to aggression from Gaza or Lebanon, Lindsey is equally at pains to present the whole… what’s that? Never mind.

Those who demand anti-war activity here in Britain against Russia are ignoring the history and the present reality in Ukraine and Crimea. The B52 liberals only oppose wars when their own rulers do so, and support the ones carried out by our governments. The job of any anti-war movement is to oppose its own government’s role in these wars, and to explain what that government and its allies are up to.

B52 liberals? I think she means us.

Anyway Lindsey gives away the game with that boldfaced (and baldfaced) admission. So does that mean they stand in solidarity with Russian anti-war protesters?

We B52 liberals want to know.

Update: Someone at The Economist has actually gone to the bother of fisking Lindsey German point by point.

Further update:

I’m glad somebody’s embarrassed.