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Rankin goes there

In an interview with The Independent, the “acclaimed photographer and director” Rankin (whom I never heard of before), discussed the refusal of Scarlett Johansson to end her association with SodaStream:

“I think the reason that she has not backed down is because in America, the Jewish zealots are so powerful. Especially in the entertainment industry… What they could do to her career,” he added, admitting he had “negative views” on SodaStream’s West Bank operation.

“The main problem for me in all this is that kind of extreme Judaism. That extreme belief that this is their homeland and those people are worthless to them. That’s very powerful in America. They will blacklist you. It’s worse than McCarthyism. Are you pro-Palestinian? Forget it.

“People have said to me that if you go to Palestine you will be put on a list and it doesn’t matter if you’re a humanitarian. You will be put on a list. And I’m not political. I’m not anti-American. I’m not religious. I don’t even believe in God. I’m just about human beings.”

According to Wikipedia, Rankin does fashion photography. I wonder if his work ever brought him into contact with John Galliano— who at least seems genuinely sorry for his antisemitic rants.

In the comments Lamia notes that an earlier Rankin– a racist and antisemitic congressman from Mississippi– denounced “international Jews” as “warmongers” on the floor of the House of Representatives in 1941.

Note the familiar distinction between “international” Jews (bad) and individual Jews (possibly OK).