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Another “anti-business” movie for kids; another Fox snit

Remember a couple of years ago when Fox Business host Eric Bolling asked: “Is liberal Hollywood using class warfare to brainwash our kids?”

The topic was the new Muppets movie, which featured a villainous oil baron called Tex Richman.

Kermit and Miss Piggy had as good a response as anyone.

More recently Fox Business took on the new “Lego Movie”*, which features a villainous character called Lord (or President) Business, who may or may not resemble Mitt Romney.

The guest media analyst made some of the same points I made– that Hollywood is a profit-centered business too, and usually makes movies in the hope of making money from them.

As I wrote:

I suppose if Hollywood consistently made lots of money producing movies and TV shows featuring rich capitalist heroes, we’d see more of those. But it seems the darned public (including kids) has a taste for films featuring underdogs facing and overcoming more powerful forces.

I doubt the folks at the Lego Group, who collaborated on the movie, have an interest in tearing down the capitalist system either.

Fox Business host Charles Payne and designated liberal-basher Monica Crowley were having none of it. (Crowley complained about the unfair treatment of poor, misunderstood Mr. Potter the banker in “It’s a Wonderful Life.”)

Despite the warnings, “The Lego Movie” is doing boffo at the box office.

*This may be the first time we’ve featured two Lego-related posts in one day.