The Finsbury Park Mosque and Abdullah Djaballah

Last Friday the Finsbury Park Mosque in London received a special guest. He is Abdullah Djaballah, an Algerian Islamist politician.

Here he is in the centre of the picture, wearing a cap. Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn, a strong supporter of the mosque, was on hand. So was the mosque’s chairman, Mohamed Kozbar, seen third from right.

The Finsbury Park Mosque is closely aligned to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. The relationship is not hidden. For example, here’s Kozbar looking very pleased to meet notorious Hamas hardliner Mahmoud al-Zahar in his Gaza home. Kozbar sports an Interpal vest – he helps that charity in its mission to support Hamas.

And here he is with the Great Man.

Djaballah’s visit is another typical chapter in the story. He’s perfect for the Finsbury Park Mosque. Consider his reaction to the invasion of Iraq:

The president of the National Islamic Reform Movement, the main opposition party, Saad Abdullah Jaballah, called on Thursday for boycotting U.S. and British products and asked Arab countries to stop catering to U.S. planes and ships in Algerian ports and airports.

He issued a religious edict, which he said was supported by Algeria’s religious authorities, calling on Algerian men, women and children to wage holy Muslim war against U.S. and British invaders in Iraq.

No prizes for guessing who was behind the invasion:

He accused the U.S. of seeking to ensure permanent security for the “Zionist entity” and paving the ground for achieving Israel’s dream of expanding its territory between the Euphrates in Iraq and the Nile in Egypt.

You see, Mr Djaballah has the evil Jews’ number. Here he is on the IDF raid on the seaborne thugs of the Turkish Islamist outfit IHH:

After the IDF took over the flotilla he published an anti-Semitic article stating that “The Jews have no conscience, and they are described in the book of Allah [i.e., the Qur’an], may his name be exalted, as having all the bad qualities: lies, jealousy, treachery, cowardice, aggression which includes killing…and today [Israel] carried out another slaughter in international waters…against civilian human rights activists…” The article also called on the Palestinian Authority to join the jihad and stop negotiating with Israel (

In older reports you will find him suggesting Israel carried out the atrocities of September 11.

So, we have an anti-semite who has called for the killing of British troops preaching in a mosque that has been repeatedly feted by left wing and interfaith idiots.

In fact, the UAF held an “anti-racist” meeting at the mosque just this week.

And here’s Kozbar speaking at a UAF demo last year.

Don’t forget that the mosque was gifted to the UK arm of the Muslim Brotherhood back in 2005, after Abu Hamza was kicked out. Disgraced former copper Robert Lambert and dolts at the Charity Commission were among the architects of that move.

It continues to pay ugly dividends right up to this day.