Neturei Karta Want You To Know That They Were Demonstrating FOR Jobbik

There was a demonstration against the Hungarian fascist party, Jobbik, on Sunday.

The BBC – and other outlets – ran pictures of a group of Haredi Jews who had turned up to the demonstration. Here is the BBC’s picture.

There are others here and here.

The BBC’s caption read:

Four men in traditional Jewish dress stand behind a protest banner Members of the Jewish community also joined the protest against Jobbik

That picture has now been removed from the BBC’s report of the demonstration. In its place they have put up the following message:

Update 28 January 2014: An incorrectly captioned picture was removed from this story.

This is why:

Members of Neturei Karta were demonstrating against the strident and aggressive actions of the Zionists against Jobbick and Mr. Vona, The Rabbis of NK were carrying a banner with a clear message: ”Authentic Jewry is Against Zionist Aggression”.

The BBC ignored the banner and totally distorting our message. They stated that the Rabbis were there to demonstrate against Mr. Vona and Jobbick. That is totally false.

I have lodged a complaint with the BBC and await the outcome.

The pro-fascist stance of Neturei Karta is completely expected. Yesterday, for example, a NK member was sentenced to 4.5 years in prison after offering to spy for Iran.

What was interesting about the Jobbik counter-demonstration was that it was attended by Unite Against Fascism. Unite Against Fascism is a group which is run by the Socialist Workers Party and Socialist Action. Until alliances shifted, largely in the wake of the SWP’s defeat in Respect, and the far Left’s split with the Islamist bloc over Syria, these groups were very happy to hold demonstrations and rallies with Jew-hating Islamist groups and supporters of Hamas. They would not hear a word against them. Therefore, it was not uncommon to hear racist chants of “khyber khyber ya yahud” and “itbach al yahud” on demonstrations run by the SWP and SA. You will normally find Neturei Karta on these demonstrations as well, where they are extensively photographed, and the photographs displayed to demonstrate that “real Jews are anti-Zionist” and “there can’t have been antisemites on the demonstration because, look, Jews!”.

However, when it comes to Central European fascists, who actually go to the trouble of dressing up like Nazis from the 1930s, Unite Against Fascism is able to recognise “the bad guys”. That is so, even though Jobbik are also outspoken partisans of the Palestinian cause, and use the language of anti-Zionism to explain their beef with Jews.

So, next time you see Neturei Karta tagging along on some far Left or pro-Hamas march, remember: these guys also rally for Nazis.

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And here are some pictures of other friends of the Jobbik supporters Neturei Karta:

At a demonstration of the self-styled Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC). Neturei Karta are regulars at PSC events.

With hate preacher Raed Salah.

With George Galloway.

With Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas and Galloway flunkey Kevin Ovenden.

With Ibrahim Hewitt of the Hamas UK charity Interpal and sleazy Stephen Sizer of the Church of England.