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Anti-Jewish chants mark Paris “Day of Rage”

An anti-government demonstration by an assortment of rightwing connards in Paris on Sunday included demonstrators chanting their hatred for Jews.

Among the chants: “Faurisson was right. The gas chambers are bullshit.”

As The Tablet observes:

The implication of the image is as disturbing as it is mundane. Today, in the capital of a European Union member state, one can look out the window and see demonstrators march proudly down the street while shouting anti-Semitic slogans. (A minority of viewers, in an attempt to dispute the chant’s prejudice, have claimed that the protesters are not denouncing “Juif,” but rather “CRIF,” which is the acronym for the Representative Council of the French Jewish Institutions, as though this ameliorates the problem.)

As far as I can see, the chanters are not overwhelmingly Muslim by any means.

It will come as no surprise that the antisemitic “comedian” Dieudonné called on his minions to participate.