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David Ward: still harping on Israel

As someone remarked on Twitter yesterday:

What exactly does @DavidWardMP have to do to get ejected from the Lib Dems? It’s almost like he’s trying to get thrown out these days.

Recently the death of Ariel Sharon was the cue for a completely gratuitous reference to the Holocaust.

Sharon’s death makes you think. The brutal, genocidal treatment of Jews must never be forgotten but….the Palestinians were not responsible

His Israel-fixation emerged still more distastefully and bizarrely yesterday.  This was his considered response to seeing Twelve Years a Slave:

Just seen ‘ Twelve Years a Slave’ – powerful – brutal inhumanity we still see today in places such as #Palestine

This is a grotesque and flippant response which, as he was reminded on Twitter, glosses over the fact that slavery is still a pressing problem in the world today.

Others greeted his latest provocation with derision.

Just saw <recent popular film>.Reminded me of <insert random pet cause here>

tweeted a Syrian refugee from Homs.

In June, Ward had the whip withdrawn for two months.  The weakness of the Lib Dems’ response is indicated by Ward’s failure to clean up his act.  Perhaps more significant than either the Sharon or the Twelve Years a Slave comment is this tweet from November 2013, which I’m sure most readers will remember:

What a shame there isn’t a powerful, well funded Board of Deputies for #Roma

There was no Israel alibi on that occasion –  but still David Ward remains unchecked.