Arguing with MPACUK’s Asghar Bukhari

This is a Cross-post from Marc’s Words

I found myself in an argument on Twitter lately with Asghar Bukhari the founder of a group called the Muslim Public Affairs Committee United Kingdom.

Check out their website it’s full of the most charming material on Israel you’re ever likely to find. Naturally they don’t stop short of attacking Israel over her policies but also have a mysterious enemy in charge of the world’s governments and media called ‘Zionists’. These evil people bear very little resemblance to the mostly Jewish supporters of Israel and a great deal of resemblance to the age old anti-Semitic views of Jews that one can find in such examples of anti-Jewish hatred as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Nazi literature.

I thought I’d publish some extracts from the argument here. They’re in reverse order, the ‘Irving’ referred to is the Holocaust denier David Irving to whom Bukhari donated money some years ago. As you can see he seems quite proud of this.

Raza Nadim, the recently outed legislative assistant to David Ward is all over the web as MPACUK’s ‘Media Representative’. Word is that he’s going to make a run for Mike Gapes’ seat in Ilford South at the next General Election. Here is the wannabe MP on youtube claiming that US troops are raping a convicted terrorist for murder. Tweets follow:

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