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Interpal and Murtaza Khan

You have seen the hatred of homosexuals promoted by speakers at this Sunday’s Interpal event at the Edmonton Islamic Centre in London.

Those vicious statements are part of a long record of Islamist diatribes on all sorts of issues. Terrorists are a favourite too, as shown in this post about a speaker at another recent Interpal event, Uthman Lateef.

Now let’s take a closer look at the record on jihad and terrorism of Murtaza Khan.

A talk cheerily titled “Death and the Grave” sums him up well.

For Khan, terrorists are noble servants. Note that British troops were serving in Iraq when Khan made these remarks – he supported the jihadis out to kill them.

That which belongs to the Muslims belongs to the Muslims. The land of Iraq, the land of Kashmir, the land of Palestine, the land of Chechnya, all these lands belong to the Muslims. There’s no debate about this, even according to their sanctions. According to the United Nations, the land belongs to those people. And that’s all these people are trying to do – claim back their land. They’re not committing any atrocities. The land belongs to them.

So that’s all that these people are trying to do, is say leave our noble lands, stay away from our country, and don’t oppress any of our people.

You see, “martyrdom” is just glorious:

You read the tafsir (exegesis) of this verse, the souls of the mujahideen are placed inside green birds, and the birds walk around, or fly around the whole of paradise, and then they return underneath the throne of Allah and enter into that cave. Only for the shuhada (martyrs), this is given to these people.

The prophet stated himself: “There is only one thing I would like to return back to this dunya (earthly life), is that I am killed, then I return again. Then I am made shaheed (martyr) again, then I return again. Made shaheed (martyr) again, then return again.” Three times he mentioned this. That’s the only reason he wanted to come back to this dunya, and the only reason the shaheed will come back to this dunya, is to face that great feeling of dying as a shaheed. Which most of us have become cowardly. Cowardly to discuss this, cowardly to even engage in such matters.

Some Muslims have the temerity to object to terrorism. They are “scum” and Khan is having none of it:

Because on top of that, the Muslim ummah is always calling it irhab, calling it terrorism. Calling it futile, futile warfare. You don’t have the numbers. You don’t have the weaponry. You don’t have anything.

We have become like the froth, the scum of the ocean. Only a few grateful servants who can stand up and defend the deen (religion) of Allah. That is the greatest way to protect yourself from the punishment of the grave.

This kind of rhetoric makes Murtaza Khan the perfect companion for the likes of Anwar al-Awlaki, the al-Qaeda preacher and recruiter. Sure enough, Khan appeared at UK events alongside Awlaki right up to 2009, when Awlaki’s calls to jihad had become shockingly explicit. Here’s the poster for one of those events, staged by the notoriously nasty Islamic society of City University.

Read the Charity Commission’s stern warning, issued by its Chairman William Shawcross just last month, once again:

The misuse of charities for terrorist purposes represents a despicable inversion of everything charity stands for and we will fight that without quarter.

And we have put out very clear guidance to charities about extremist and controversial speakers. It is unacceptable for charities to promote the views of individuals who promote violence and terrorism.

In the last decade, student groups in London Universities frequently invited the Islamist propagandist Anwar Al Awlaki to speak in person or by video. It was he whose sermons incited a young British Muslim student to try to murder her MP, Stephen Timms. It was a mercy Mr Timms survived her knife attack.

No one preaching murder should have the protection of freedoms of speech or charitable law.

We are also fully engaged with other parts of government to ensure that our regulatory role really contributes to the UK’s counter terrorism infrastructure. We are contributing to the work of the government’s extremism task force.

Dealing with extremist abuse of charities is not our only priority. But unfortunately today it has to be a very important one.

Yeah, right.

Interpal Birmingham employee Zaid Hassan pays his respects to the Hamas “martyr” Abdel Aziz Rantissi in Gaza

Gene adds: It turns out that the Charity Commission launched an inquiry into another dodgy “charity”— Viva Palestina– in July. We’ll check back in a couple of years, when we expect the inquiry to be “ongoing.”