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From the Dusty Shoebox In the Bottom Drawer: Open Letter to the Times on Political Repression, Czechoslovakia 11 September 1972 and 20 April 1980

See also Norm.

Additional: Further rummaging around in the dusty shoebox locates the Telegraph obituaries from 20 March 2003. During 1944/5 – whilst Ed Miliband’s 20/1 year old father was onboard Royal Navy ships – Paul Dacre’s then 18/9 year old father, Peter was a junior reporter for various London gossip columns. (Hat-tip Matthew Blott.)

Although a neighbour of mine was of the same age as Dacre Père and spent the summer of 1944 visiting Normandy beaches before taking-in Burmese ones, this age bracket was at the extreme end of those who could have been conscripted into the British military. Still, given Dacre Fils’ enthusiasm in damning Miliband Père, it would be interesting to know how this cushy deployment came about.