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Code Pink at the White House

Although most of the recent craziness and detachment from reality in Washington has been concentrated among Congressional Republicans, it isn’t limited to them.

The “antiwar” Code Pink people demonstrated in front of the White House to protest a meeting between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, whom they apparently believe were plotting to start a war somewhere.

As you can see, the demonstration featured papier-mache versions of the two men engaged in homosexual activity.

Speaking of which, you may vaguely remember one Dean Chambers, whose ridiculous “unskewed” polls showing Mitt Romney leading Barack Obama in last year’s presidential election were latched onto by many Republicans.

Now Chambers writes at The Examiner that Obama is in fact our first gay president– not figuratively in the sense of being the first president to strongly support gay rights, but literally, thus perpetuating a longtime meme on the far Right.