Miliband’s five steps on Syria

Ed Miliband has taken a lot of criticism for his indecisiveness over Syria. While it has taken a while to work out what Labou’rs position is the plan he has put forward makes a great deal of sense. As Miliband said earlier our “desperate desire to help stop this suffering in Syria must not lead us to rushed or wrong decisions”.

Here are the five steps Miliband is saying that must be taken before any military action. Makes sense:

1) We must let the UN weapons inspectors do their work and report to the UN Security Council;

2) There must be compelling and internationally-recognised evidence that the Syrian regime was responsible for the chemical weapons attacks;

3) The UN Security Council should debate and vote on the weapons inspectors’ findings and other evidence. This is the highest forum of the world’s most important multilateral body and we must take it seriously;

4) There should be a clear legal basis in international law for taking military action to protect the Syrian people;

5) Any military action must be time limited, it must have precise and achievable objectives and it must have regard for the consequences of the future impact on the region.