Dress Down Friday,  The Left,  The Right

Do you dress (down) to the left or the right?

I quite enjoyed this piece by Dan Hodges yesterday on the ‘left wing mandatory tweet’ – it prompted me to have an anxious check through my timeline to make sure I had filled my LMT quota. This was perhaps my favourite:

5) “Solidarity with x”. Every member of the Left must send a “solidarity” tweet once a month. You can express solidarity with anyone or anything, so long as they’re not officially an evil member of the Right. The great thing about this tweet is it neatly fits into 140 characters. You don’t need to bother explaining why you are in solidarity with your subject, or even what “solidarity” actually means in this context. In effect, solidarity becomes a verb. So having expressed your solidarity with, say, a group of Venezuelan miners stuck 500 feet underground, without air, water or hope, you can then go and make yourself a nice cup of tea.

Perhaps readers would like to add some examples of their own to the list? Or propose a rival list of RMTs.  I could only think of ‘Here’s Dan Hodges’ latest article – spot-on as usual’.

On the subject of the right – here are a couple of interesting pieces about different aspects of anti-right wing bias/bigotry, one by Janet Daley on alleged BBC bias, one by Frank Furedi on a perceived link between stupidity and the right.

Gene adds: Tim Stanley offers 10 rightwing mandatory tweets.