Annual Secular Europe Campaign march and rally 2013

Howie has full details of the Secular Europe Campaign’s annual march and rally over on his blog.  This will take place on Saturday September 14 at 12.30 in Temple Place, next to Temple tube station.

The Secular Europe Campaign March and Rally has become an annual event to celebrate all we have achieved in Secularism, to demand more and to have a jolly good time with like minded people.

Please join us on the 6th annual March this September.

We are marching to be seen, to be heard, to support others that are struggling to achieve their basic human rights and to show that we are a growing force that will stand up for what we believe in and will challenge what is unbelievable.

We will meet in Temple Place at 12.30 for the March at13.00

The Rally will then be held in Richmond TerraceoppositeDowning Street.

Speakers include:

Professor AC Grayling

Stephen Law

Maryam Namazie

Anne Marie Waters from One Law for All

Sue Cox from Survivors Voice

Nahla Mahmoud from Council of Ex Muslims

Naomi Phillips Chair of Labour Humanists

Adam Knowles Chair of GALHA – LGBT Humanists

Rory Fenton AHS President

More speakers to be announced later.

There are many reasons to attend the March here are a selection and please add your own to the list in the comments section at the end of this page.

Mainly we don’t have a Secular Europe.

Religious discrimination against women.

Religious discrimination against LGBT people.

The abuse of children by the clergy.

Bishops in House of Lords.

Religious institutions preying on the poor and vulnerable.

The teaching of Creationism in Schools.

Religious Schools full stop.

Community services being run by religious organisations.

The religious anti abortion lobby.

Religious misinformation on contraception and AIDS.

Religious influence on the BMA on the health care of others.


Religiously motivated male circumcision.

The right to die with dignity.

The abuse of women and children falsely accused of witchcraft.

The fleecing of their flock by prosperous gospel churches.

Showing solidarity with the rest of the world where individuals and groups are struggling to achieve basic human rights.

Death threaths against Ex Muslims living in Europe.

Freedom of speech

Freedom of Expression.

We also march to celebrate success with Gay and Humanist Marriage in the UK.

And we march to show that we are proud and happy to live a Secular life.
We hope you join us to make the 2013 Secular Europe March a great success.