Xenophobia, Bolivarian style

Diogenes Andrade, a Chavista member of Venezuela’s National Assembly, vents:

“Even if they call me xenophobic or whatever, enough is enough. I met a lot of Asians who were selling strawberries with cream in the street and now they have big businesses and mock our people. The State has to take control even if they complain ‘this atrocious Communism is killing us’, but what ‘atrocious Communism’? Enforcing the law. And if they don’t obey the law (and I’m not speaking only about Asians), there are other sectors that we already help them and if they don’t do their part, we have to kick them out of the country. If they lived better in their own country, they can go there then, but they have to stop tormenting our people.”

In some ways, it seems Andrade and Republican Congressman Steve “Cantaloupes” King would get along just fine.