Some questions for Norman Finkelstein

This is a guest post by Matt Hill

I will be interviewing Norman Finkelstein for the online literary journal Review31 this week. I would like to ask him to respond to some of his critics among supporters of Israel, and I thought Harry’s Place would be a good place to find some ideas.

I’m particularly looking for alleged instances of concrete factual errors or moral offences, with full quotes and referencs. I’d also be hugely grateful if anyone could sum up consicely, or link to a summary of, the anti-Finkelstein case. I seem to remember coming across a collection of his most ill-judged quotes somewhere on this site that I would like to have another look at.

I have a vague sense that the intensity of general anti-Finkelstein sentiment may have subsided in pro-Israeli circles. Is that hunch accurate?

Have Harry’s Place readers noticed the growing rift between Finkelstein and many “po-Palestinian” activists, due to the former’s support for the two-state solution and defence of Israel’s right to exist, and the recent spat over his criticism of the BDS movement?

Thanks for your help!