An ominous turn of the tap

This is a cross-post by Tom Doran

Ominous news via the Daily Mail:

A water company has replaced an Israeli-built meter in the home of a customer who objected to the “repression of Palestine”.

Caroline and Edmond O’Reilly asked Southern Water to replace the device because the manufacturers, Arad Technologies, are accused of “profiteering” in the West Bank.

The company has now agreed to install a second-hand appliance built by a different manufacturer.

The problem here should be apparent to anyone, but matters of justice for Israel have a way of inducing selective immunity to reason, so let’s clarify.

The O’Reillys naturally have every right to complain to their water supplier for any reason, this is free speech. What should concern us is the acquiescence of Southern Water. They have evidently made the calculation that giving in to the demand was less hassle than facing the public relations mess that would follow if they hadn’t. This, in turn, suggests that the UK movement to delegitimise the Jewish state has become too powerful and influential for comfort. Can anyone imagine the company responding in the same fashion to a customer refusing a Chinese meter in solidarity with Tibet? I cannot.

But the O’Reillys may have done us a favour inadvertently. Those of us who support Israel against attempts to delegitimise and destroy her – and have no doubt, this is the aim of the “boycott, divestment and sanctions” movement – are not without strength and ingenuity of our own, or so I hope. Here is an opportunity to show it. Please make your feelings known to Southern Water by whatever peaceful method you prefer.