Giraldi on Veterans Today – and Richard Falk on Truth Jihad

The Guardian has recently published yet another opinion piece by a writer with dubious associations.  Although this article was about the case of Edward Snowden, Philip Giraldi’s pet topic is Israel, as a glance at his Veterans Today profile reveals.  Compared to other material on that site, articles such as ‘Slave to Israel’ in which it is claimed that Israel has ‘subjugated’ the USA, are comparatively restrained.

Gordon Duff, a senior figure at VT, has claimed that Israelis remotely guided the planes into the World Trade Center, and another writer, Bruce Campbell, has been censured for Holocaust denial.  Michael Harris, the VT’s financial editor, has expressed the view that Sandy Hook was a revenge attack by Israel.

Harris also alleged that Israeli “death squads” were responsible for the 2011 Tucson shooting2011 Norway attacks and 2012 Aurora shooting and that the “Jewish-owned and Jewish-controlled” Hollywood was responsible for perpetuating a “culture of violence” within the United States.[33]Washington Post story on the interviews notes that Harris “publicly associates with neo-Nazi groups”.[34][35] The SPLC stated that Harris’ comments indicated that VT “is now squarely in neo-Nazi territory.”

It’s unlikely that the Guardian was actively aware of Giraldi’s VT links.  But Richard Falk seems to have had no such excuse for appearing on Kevin Barret’s Truth Jihad radio programme, even though he claimed innocence and ignorance when responding to a challenge from the CST’s Mark Gardner.

I was not aware of the name of the radio station and had not heard that term used, which would have offended me. I was just approached by the interviewer as often happens, and did not inquire further.

However he has appeared on the show before, and has attracted robust criticism for doing so, criticism which he has apparently read as he claims it is ‘defamatory.’  UN Watch has more details here.

Hat Tips: Hillel Neuer and Stuart Celliott