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Are you waiting?

I’m reminded of the headline that always seemed to appear on the front page of small-town newspapers on Christmas eve:

World Awaits Christmas

Update: Ed Kilgore observes: “Great week to bury other news.”

Further update: It’s a boy. I pity him. Will there again be ceremonial banging of the table? Or was that just a legend?

Alec adds: A girl! With two umbilical cords!

Alec adds: I am unsure if David Lindsay is making a point too sublime for us lesser mortals to grasp, or if he just has flipped:

I am trying to guess the exact difference in age between Audrey Roberts and our future king, both of whom were born on 22nd July, although not in the same year. Of course, she is his step-grandmother.

Naturally, I shall have to be godfather. I am owed it after young William, when I was passed over in favour of Laurens van der Post in order to placate that ghastly, jumped-up Thatcher woman.

Whatever he is on, it is enough to stuff a pillow. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Additional update: The Duchess was “brilliant” for delivering a boy.