The Church to control non faith schools

This is a cross post from homo economicus

The government has announced that the Church of England will be encouraged to take over state non faith schools, and non faith schools will be able to join the academy system the church runs.

There is mention that the selection process, charter of the school and existing teacher recruitment criteria of these newly attained schools are meant to be honoured. The devil will be in the detail.

The Education Secretary Michael Gove said the church should be thinking “These are amazing opportunities here to extend and to build on our original mission to provide a high quality education to more children and to play a more energetic role.’ [Source]

The Archbishop Welby has a vision beyond education:

“The Church of England was at the beginning of national education of this country and continues to be crucial to its flourishing. Today, bishops and Diocesan Board of Education chairs have worked together to develop a vision for the future of church schools which will continue our mission of transforming every part of our society.

“It is obviously true that good schools help produce an educated workforce. But the Christian vision is a far greater one. It is about setting a framework for children as they learn, which enables them to be confident when faced with the vast challenges that our rapidly changing culture brings to us.”[Source]

The teaching of children to see the world as a Christian, a framework to transform society with the Christian vision. To remind you – that vision is not just love your neighbour as yourself. It is to believe in the resurrection of Jesus as the Son of God, to embrace him as your saviour in a brief existence as a mortal before ascending into heaven in the everlasting next world. Eternal slumber if you do not.

In the education system teaching ethics and civic responsibility are very important. Human history, culture and literature make more sense with a knowledge of comparative religion. This can be taught without advocating Christianity in particular, and it is more respectful to explore in a neutral setting for those that do not subscribe to the Christian faith.

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