More news from Egypt

It’s far from clear how events in Egypt will shake out, but here are some items to add to the mix:

–Today was a day for supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood to take to the streets: a reminder (if anyone needed it) that the overthrow of Morsi did not persuade the still-powerful MB to concede defeat.

–In a rather encouraging example of “the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend”: Even though Bashar al-Assad praised the overthrow of Morsi, anti-Morsi demonstrators in Tahrir Square chased away a Syrian state TV correspondent while raising a flag of the Syrian uprising and chanting, “Here they are, the liars, here they are!”

–The Almighty Himself offers historical context for Egypt’s recent turmoil:

Finally, Marc Goldberg offers a distinctly different view from mine on the overthrow of Morsi.

(Hat tip: DaveM)