Turkey – Erdogan Global Twitter Conspiracy

This is a cross-post from homo economicus

Having been accused of being a paid part of the global conspiracy to destabilise Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey I thought it was time to revisit Turkey via the foreign media angle which has included twitter for as Erdogan said:

“There is now a scourge that is called Twitter. The best examples of lies can be found there. To me, social media is the worst menace to society.”

I am unpaid writing this post (and maintaining the blog altogether), and if part of any global conspiracy an unlikely pawn who is getting no kick backs (alas). I based my earlier post on Turkey from talking to people that live there and being true to secular principles of citizen government. Which does not make me anti-Muslim as the government supporter above suggested I may be. Being a secularist is compatible with religious belief and atheism.

I mention this xenophobia conspiracy Erdogan espouses because he claims his own people are manipulated. His speeches are full of paranoid international conspiracy to overthrow him. His supporters are now taking this mantra to twitter and even to international press conferences attended by the foreign media they despise. This is something no respectful democrat does, rather authoritarians or those losing their grip on reality do these things.

A strong Turkey, that defends human rights, religious freedom and lives up to secular ideals that treats Muslims and non Muslims alike is in the interests of all but those who would deny freedom. What Erdogan has shown is a rambling paranoia that makes all opponents terrorists, the pawns of global powers, while his government make up threats to his rule.

A democratic mandate does not give anyone absolute power over the people they are meant to lead. It cannot excuse excessive force by the authorities against peaceful dissent.

The behaviour of Prime Minister Erdogan has shown himself unfit for public office of dog catcher, let alone the office he aspires to of President.

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