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Beware of the blog…

According to this insider account of the Socialist Workers Party’s Special Conference on Sunday, a principal target of the leadership’s wrath was something identified only as “the blog.”

Speakers, crass or not, repeatedly defended the view that the blog was the problem… When some of us heckled a speaker for claiming that the blog was a Sino-seymorese conspiracy, we had to hear other delegates invite us to “join them outside”, effectively as though they had already been expelled.

…Apparently it was only after the blog mentioned that the DC had ruled on 9 cases involving rape allegations that Nick Cohen decided to contact Pat for confirmation… The point was made that the worst thing about this crisis was, by far and away, the blog.

So maybe instead of “The Internationale”, party apparatchiks should lead the assembled masses at this year’s Marxism festival in singing the theme song to the classic 1958 movie “The Blob.” It has a cool instrumental beginning, and all they’ll need to do is change the last letter of one word.