Falk on Liberal Democrat Friends of Palestine site: Hamas like the French resistance

Richard Falk has a job with the UN (despite American protestations), which he uses to spread antisemitism and 9/11 conspiracy theory. For this, he was expelled by Human Rights Watch from one of its committees.

In 2011, Richard Falk showed his support for Gilad Atzmon’s book The Wandering Who. In this book, amongst other ideas, Atzmon imagined the day when the Holocaust might become seen as morally justifiable (“some may be bold enough to argue that ‘Hitler might have been right after all.”) Elsewhere in the book, Atzmon claimed that Fagin and Shylock accurately represent Jewish identity, the credit crunch was caused by the Jews, and the Holocaust is a religion.

The Lib Dem Friends of Palestine group tends to attract unsavoury characters like the Christisons. who compare Israel to the Nazis.

Now the Liberal Democrat Friends of Palestine have posted an article by Richard Falk. Falk said:

 It gives perspective to imagine the situation being reversed as it was during the Nazi occupation of France or the Netherlands during World War II. Resistance fighters were uniformly perceived in the liberal West as unconditional heroes, and no critical attention was given as to whether the tactics used unduly imperiled innocent civilian lives. Those who lost their lives in such a resistance were honoured as martyrs. Meshaal and other Hamas leaders have made similar arguments on several occasions, in effect asking what are Palestinians supposed to do in the exercise of resistance given their circumstances, which have persisted for so long, given the failures of traditional diplomacy and the UN to secure their rights under international law.

Who within LDFP thought posting Falk was a good idea, and why?

Will the Lib Dems seek to rein in LDFP?