Gilad Atzmon Comes Out Fighting For The SWP’s Martin Smith

Well, you can tell a lot about a person by who his friends are!

Gilad Atzmon has published a stirring defence of Martin Smith, the senior SWP (and Unite Against Fascism) member who is at the centre of rape allegations, which have split his party in two.

Who is to blame, according to Gilad? Why, the Jews, of course!

Here are some choice extracts. Atzmon starts with an attack on Laurie Penny and Richard “Lenin” Seymour, who are apparently our allies:

Once again leading UK AZZs , their Sabbath Goyim (Laurie Penny and Richard Seymour) and Islamophobic Hasbara outlet Harry’s Place have been caught together in bed. The exact same Judeocentric tribal coalition that, a year and a half ago, was formed to wreck my career (and failed) is now pursuing Martin Smith AKA Comrade Delta, former secretary of the UK SWP (Socialist Workers Party) who, they insist, is a ‘sex offender’.

Later in the article, he corrects himself:

Update: correction, i was just informed that Laurie Penny is not a Sabbath Goy, she is apparently “a woman of Jewish descent with many family members living in Israel” .. in other word she is just an ordinary tribal campaigner as well as AZZ.

Got that? Because, as far as Atzmon is concerned, “Jewish blood” – apart from his own of course – makes you part of the tribal conspiracy of Jews against the “Goyim”.

Atzmon then goes on to claim that SWPers have no libido, and to attack Mark Elf, a taxi driver and fervently anti-Zionist blogger from Ilford who Atzmon hates more than anybody else in the world, apart from Tony Greenstein. Finally, Atzmon boasts of having “dared to use the platform given to him by the SWP to spread the thoughts of Otto Weininger.” Weininger was a very strange Austrian writer of Jewish descent, whose anti-Jewish writings were drawn on by Hitler, among others.

Atzmon then returns to baiting Laurie Penny and Richard Seymour:

 Truth is, I’m just amused at the extent of the witch-hunts around me. Our Jews and their very own Sabbath Goyim, Seymour and Penny must be in total despair. After all, did they not, a year ago try to have me expelled from Zero Publishing House? Of course, they achieved the complete opposite. Zero stayed with me and ended up with a best seller (The Wandering Who). Seymour and Penny were left out, they had to wander around desperately trying to find a new publishing house for their banal outpourings – and now they want revenge.

He’s wrong – both Richard Seymour and Laurie Penny continue to be published by Zero Books, alongside Gilad Atzmon.

I doubt that this defence will make things better for Martin Smith. When the only person who is openly batting for you, is  a somewhat loopy neo Nazi – who used to be your ally – then you’re probably screwed.

Still, I bet that none of this will shake Martin Smith from his gig – hilariously – as the man who effectively runs Unite Against Fascism.