Steve Bell in The Guardian: Israel Controls World Leaders Like Puppets

Well, that didn’t take long.

Because, you know, the Jews are the puppet masters, who secretly control world leaders behind the scenes.

He’s a plagiarist, of course. From Saudi Arabia:

Next up from Steve Bell: Jews crucifying Jesus, Jews drinking the blood of children, and Jews rubbing their hands together in glee while counting up bags of money.

Followed, perhaps, by one depicting Obama with a bone in his nose, imposing himself on an Aryan woman.


And from The CST:

The Guardian is a fascist rag.


This cartoon, featuring Steve Bell, is doing the rounds.


This is Steve Bell’s response:

Mr Bell said he had chosen to draw the cartoon because “the coverage of Operation Pillar of Defence has been so skewed in favour of the Israeli side, particularly I regret to say on the BBC, that I do personally feel quite a strong need to make the counter argument”.

He said the cartoon was about “the cynical manipulation of a situation by a specific politician” and “NOT about cynical manipulation by ‘the Jews’. I refute completely any charge of antisemitism, since I would never conflate the two.”

Mr Bell added: “I also refute the charge that I am somehow deliberately repeating the antisemitic ‘trope’ of the puppet master. The wilful manipulation is Netanyahu’s not mine.

“I can’t be held responsible for whatever cultural precepts and misapprehensions people choose to bring to my cartoon. My intention, I think, is fairly clear.”

Crystal clear. Nazi scum.