9/11 Remembered,  Stateside

Remembering 9/11: Muslims for Life

This American organization was set up in order to honour the victims of 9/11 by donating blood in their memory.  This month they have been holding blood drives at mosques and other community centres around the country.  Muslims for Life was set up by Ahmadi Muslims but has partners within the more mainstream Muslim community such as MPAC and the American Islamic Congress.

Here is one supporter’s account of his reasons for supporting this initiative:

Islam teaches to be loyal to one’s homeland. Patriotism is vital. On Sept. 11, 2011, I will shed my blood and donate to save up to three lives. Join me, and we can save lives.

And here is a recent report from Texas on Muslims for Life.

Gene adds: From Dana Milbank’s column in The Washington Post:

“I’m very surprised there’s not a pronounced effort to reflect on that day,” Amjad Khan told me at the Rayburn House Office Building on Monday. “It comes and goes as if it was just another day, but it wasn’t just another day.” Khan is one of the few to make sure 9/11 is still about 9/11: His Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, a liberal group, runs a “Muslims for Life” blood drive with the Red Cross to honor victims of the attacks; he collected 25 pints at Rayburn on Monday morning.

Khan said he feels an “acute sense of obligation” because the terrorists were Muslim, but he wonders why people aren’t doing more to remember. “It’s a tough year, with the election cycle,” he said, “but you can’t forget.”