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White Widow

Samantha Lewthwaite went past the point-of-no-return some time ago. The convert to Islam and widow of Germaine Lindsay, she had been eight months pregnant with their second child when he killed 26 people on the Piccadilly line on 7 July 2005: an act which she said she abhorred.

It now looks as if either this was inaccurate, or she has had a change of heart. Following a foiled series of terror attacks on tourist sites and Roman Catholic churches in Mombasa during December 2011, she was identified as the main financier and linked to at least one of the conspirators under arrest: another British convert, named Jerome Grant.

Last Sunday, grenades were tossed into a Mombasa bar showing Euro-2012 matches, killing three and injuring many more (including one perpetrator now under arrest). Immediately afterwards, a woman in Islamic dress was seen emerging from the melee and making a quick exit; and presumed to be Lewthwaite.

Since then, blog entries on a Kenya-based web-forum affiliated with Al-Shabaab apparently from her have indicated a petulant, malevolent adolescent taking delight in her actions; with comments such as “Boom! Music for the Mujahadeen”.

Now, with British detectives being dispatched to Kenya to assist with the search, a series of grenade and gun attacks have killed at least 15 people in churches around Garissa towards the border with Somalia.

Lucy Lips adds:

You can read a blog entry by Samantha Lewthwaite here.

Here is another, apparently celebrating the murder of non-Muslim Africans:

BOOM!!! BOOM!!!!

See the kuffar run here and there (like headless chickens)!

There’s no hiding from the mujahideen today!

It’s time for BOOM!!! BOOM!!!

To late to think, there goes another BOOM!!!

Hear the kuffar cry in torment: “OH MY GOD (OMG)!

Who cares becos the mujahideen are shouting: “ALLAH AKBAR!!!!”

Look around & see the grt wrk of the mujahideen: destruction everywhere…ALLAH AKBAR!!!!

Look at the kuffars faces filled with fear and pain

Pain is what AL-SHABAAB visits upon the kuffar

BOOM!!! It’s the sound of the mujahideen!!!

MYC Press Office

We dedicate this to our Sheikh Abu Nuseyba. A modern day martyr elevated to Jannah. MYC will never forget you (even though we weep your absence)!!!!

Britain appears to be exporting chav terrorists to Africa.

I should add that there is always room for doubt that this blog was written by her. The local police have also said that they are not looking for a female suspect in relation to the grenade attack. See the report here

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