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TPP: a threat to freedoms? has been calling on people to sign a petition warning of the dangers posed by a trade deal currently under development by the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Broadly, this is perceived as a deal which will benefit corporations at the expense of both governments and individuals. Here is an extract from their appeal, which draws on material which has come to light from two leaked chapters:

The only reason that we know anything about these top-secret talks is because two chapters of the draft agreement were just leaked. Now, we know that drug companies will be able to stop generic medicine from being produced — which means that a young girl with HIV will die because her family can’t afford the medicine any more. And a foreign-owned oil company will be able to sue your democratically-elected government simply for strengthening environmental regulations that will threaten its profits.

But this treaty also threatens to impose dangerous censorship that would threaten the open foundation of the Internet. Service providers could be forced to collect and hand over our private data Internet users could be turned into criminals. Big media conglomerates would be given the power to fine us for our Internet use, remove online content–even entire websites–and cut off our Internet access completely.

There is more on the problems associated with this deal here (in relation to Canada) and here (with a particular emphasis on anxieties about the secretive nature of the negotations. You can sign the petition here.

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