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Putin in Israel

Haaretz reports:

Israel knows that Russia will prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, President Shimon Peres said on Monday, during a state reception for Russian President Vladimir Putin at the President’s Residence in Jerusalem.

…Peres said he was confident Russia would aid in the struggle to hinder Iran’s nuclear ambitions, saying that he knew “that Russia prohibits a nuclear weapons in Iranian hands.”

An effort impose some old-fashioned Jewish guilt on Putin? It’s worth a shot, I suppose.

While in Israel, Putin attended the inauguration in Netanya of a monument to Red Army troops killed in World War II. And yes, it’s an entirely appropriate memorial to soldiers of the army that liberated Auschwitz, even if it happened to be the army of one of the most brutal, murderous and evil states in history.

In Israel on Victory Day, I would see elderly Red Army veterans proudly wearing medals awarded to them in the name of Stalin. Still, they had a right to be proud.

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