MB’s Morsi declared Egypt’s president

Egypt’s Presidential Elections Commission has announced that the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi will be Egypt’s next president.

Morsy took 51.73 percent of the vote, compared to Ahmed Shafiq’s 48.27 percent, Farouq Sultan, the head of the PEC, said. 26.4 million of Egypt’s 50.95 million eligible voters cast ballots. Nearly 1 million votes were counted as invalid.
The military and the Brotherhood have been in a public conflict in recent days. The ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) has criticized the Morsy campaign for announcing his victory too early, while the Brotherhood have warned against fraud.

Reports have circulated that the Brotherhood was in negotiations with the SCAF over the presidency.

Abu Faris writes:

Supporters of Morsi in Tahrir Square calling for the arrest and trial of el-feloul – the supporters and survivors of the old regime. Purge demanded by masses.

Meanwhile, Shafik supporters in angry tears besides the Unknown Soldier monument in Nasr City district of Cairo.

Morsi nowhere to be found… in fact, he has scuttled off to the MB HQ to be given his instructions by the senior MB leadership, whose sockpuppet he is.

Army silent.

MB have clearly done a deal with the Armed Forces. More to follow…