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Alex Salmond Remembers a Prior Engagement

A man not adverse to bloviation, last year the Pater familias of Scotland, Fish-heid McMoonface stopped at having a “friendly word” with Beijing over her human rights record so not to damage trade deals worth a roughly estimated £250 millions each year.

This might not or might very well be why a stramash now is developing in Scotland about failure to extend official welcome to the Dalai Lama on his current visit there.

Despite previously have said explicitly that he would be “delighted” to meet with him, the Lord Provost of the SNP-led Dundee City Council and SNP Councillor, Bob Duncan has excused himself. His explanation – that he is attending a family funeral – is not without merit; although this does not address the open secret in Dundee and elsewhere in Scotland that the Chinese Consulate had firmly nobbled the Scottish Government.

In response to questioning today on the floor of Holyrood, Deputy Leader, Nicola Sturgeon insisted that the current visit is strictly a “pastoral” event and does not demand personal attention from her Government.

Meanwhile, a mere member of a legislature from somewhere is granted the opportunity to address both Houses of the London Westminster Parliament.

Scotland, wha’ like us? None, thank fuck.

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