A Jolly Good Show

The US State Department has upgraded Burma from Tier Two to Tier Three of offending countries on its register on people trafficking. The main reason cited has been the repeal of legislation which justified forced labour – which had led to tens of thousands of loosely defined ‘criminals’ being used in chain-gains, something Premier Oil found to its cost – and replacement with one explicitly prohibiting it.

It also was noted that the Government was supplying details of military officers found to have trafficked; either for their personal business interests or as child soldiers. On the other hand, the punishments meted out were derisory with only one demotion and no dismissals or convictions under civilian law.

Neighbouring Thailand remains on Tier Two, not least because she is a major destination for the export of hapless Burmese with support from officials within Burma.

Elsewhere, now able to leave her country with the expectation of returning, Aung San Suu Kyi has met the Hairy Cornflake whose broadcasts on BBC World Service she listened to whilst in detention. Alas, she called him Dave.

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