Israel,  Vote 2012

Doing the opposite

The Associated Press reports:

Standing in front of his campaign tour bus, Mitt Romney on Saturday told religious conservatives he would do “the opposite” of what President Barack Obama has done on Israel.

If Romney is serious about this, here are some of the things he would do:

Refuse to veto an Arab resolution at the UN Security Council condemning Israeli settlements in the territories as an obstacle to peace.

Support a bid for Palestinian statehood through the Security Council.

Declare before the UN General Assembly that America’s commitment to the security of Israel is shaky.

Reduce military cooperation with Israel.

Dramatically cut aid to expand Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system.

–Take the military option off the table as an option to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

–Stop working with Israel to create and deploy cyberweapons like Stuxnet.

And Romney claims to be a friend of Israel?

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