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The strange saga of William A. White

The Roanoke (Virginia) Times reported last week:

William A. White, a former neo-Nazi leader turned fugitive, is back in the United States after his arrest last week in the parking lot of a Mexican Walmart.

White was being held Monday in a federal detention facility in Miami, according to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons.

Authorities flew White to Miami from the Mexican resort town of Playa del Carmen, where he was arrested Friday on charges of violating his probation.

According to an article published Saturday in Milenio, a Mexican newspaper, White put up a fight before he was apprehended in the parking lot of a Walmart.
Authorities say White, who was on supervised release after serving prison time for making racially charged threats, left his home in Rockbridge County last month without informing his probation officer — a violation of his probation.
White, who once was the self-proclaimed commander of the Roanoke-based American National Socialist Workers Party, was convicted in December 2009 of making racially charged threats, usually by email or on a website he maintained at the time.

U.S. District Court Judge James Turk sentenced White the following year to 30 months in prison. The 35-year-old was released from prison about a year ago and had been living most recently in Rockbridge County.

In what appears to be posts to his Facebook account, White has boasted since he went missing that federal authorities would not find him.

After detailing what he called a government conspiracy to convict him unfairly, White wrote on May 13:

“For these reasons I left the United States several weeks ago after accepting an offer of asylum from a foreign nation that shares my view that the United States government is not legitimate.”

Rockbridge County, Virginia, surrounds the town of Lexington, where I happen to live. A few months ago I noticed leaflets scattered on front lawns in my neighborhood advertising a book on the dangers of communism, democracy and Zionism.

It seems the book’s author is none other than William A. White, and that he personally distributed the leaflets.

After White went on the lam last month, The Roanoke Times reported:

He was seen almost daily in a coffee shop in downtown Lexington until a few weeks ago, said Doug Harwood, editor of The Rockbridge Advocate, a magazine that covers the region.

In March, White found himself back in court, charged with littering for distributing fliers promoting a book he had written, “The Centuries of Revolution: Democracy, Communism, Zionism.”

At the time, White sent emails to media outlets, saying he was distributing the fliers to mailboxes and paper boxes in the region.

He was charged with littering in Augusta County after a sheriff’s deputy saw a number of the leaflets — which bore the advisory “politically incorrect content” — being tossed from his car window, authorities said.

I’ve been to Lexington’s one coffee shop a couple of times (it has wi-fi), although I have no idea if I saw White there.

When White claimed to have accepted “an offer of asylum from a foreign nation that shares my view that the United States government is not legitimate,” he probably did not mean Mexico.

A Facebook page maintained under the name Bill White, and featuring his photograph, lists his address as Tehran, Iran.

It is unclear whether the Facebook account is actually White’s, but the website of one of White’s followers provides a link to the page. A search of Facebook produced no accounts in his name.

Wishful thinking on White’s part, apparently.

In January White wrote to Roanoke Times columnist Dan Casey:

Your recent blog post on the article “Roanoke: A Model of Middle Class Disintegration” was brought to my attention.

The article published by [American Free Press] is a rewritten and condensed version of a report that I recently assisted in producing for the Iranian news wire FARS, part of the effort to educate the Iranian people about the moral and economic decline of our Great Satan.

The original has longer copy and is accompanied by about forty photographs and ten minutes of video.

I attach the original text. I’m sure my editor, Mostafa Afzalzadeh, would love to discuss it with you in depth if you have the interest. He is currently on assignment in Syria, but is available by email.

And do not mistake my politeness for delusion into who are what you are — a harvester of souls for the Jews and their serpent gods.

Apparently White’s editor Mostafa Afzalzadeh was on assignment in Syria with his “co-producer” Lizzie Phelan. Yes, that Lizzie Phlean, the propagandist for Gaddafi and Assad who spoke last year to the Oxford branch of the Stop the War Coalition.

One other thing about William A. White: he is a graduate of Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, Maryland. So am I.

Bethesda is a liberal-leaning suburb of Washington, DC, with a large Jewish population.

It seems that White went through an anarchist phase in high school before turning to National Socialism. A few weeks ago he was listed among Walt Whitman’s notable alumni on Wikipedia, but his name has been removed. (And no, I didn’t know any of them, although my sister was a friend of Lisa Pelikan.)