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SF and the blogosphere: Harry’s 7

This post is aimed at slightly geeky, British HP readers of a certain age.  Apologies to everyone else.

Although I’m definitely ‘Trek’ rather than ‘Wars’, Blake’s 7 was better still.  In this low budget 1970s sf series, by contrast with the more conventional politics of Star Trek, the Federation were the bad guys, and Blake and his friends were political dissidents who start their rather disreputable adventures when they escape from a prison planet.  No handwringing Prime Directive for them – they intervened liberally.

Whenever, as happens from time to time, someone grumbles in the comments that Harry’s Place isn’t the same as it used to be back in 2003 or whenever, I wonder what delights I was missing out on when I was too busy with small children to engage with the blogosphere.  More obscurely, I feel rather as though I’m a character who was only introduced in series 4 – and will probably come to a sticky end sooner rather than later (The notorious massacre which ensured there was never a fifth season begins about two minutes in). In Blake’s 7 terms that could make me Soolin, which is actually quite a good thing in some ways.   Though perhaps her readiness to delete people makes her more of an Alec.  Is Blake David T? And is Michael Ezra Avon? We’ve already established that the HP server has a mind of its own, although I’m not sure whether it’s Slave or Orac.

Blake’s evil Nemisis, Servalan, is clearly Pamela Geller.

Anyone else spotted links between any of our blogger friends (or enemies) and characters from classic science fiction TV?

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