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Labour Is In A Shambles Over Hamas Links

The Palestinian Return Centre is an organisation which is aligned with Hamas.

It isn’t interested in a return to a Palestinian state, living in harmony with Israel. Rather, its goal is to push the ‘return’ of the descendants of those living in mandate Palestine, immediately before 1948, to Israel: with the goal of extinguishing the state.

Here’s its latest conference:

The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) has finalized its preparation for the event on 18th June at the House of Commons and a full list of speakers has now been confirmed.

The event is one of many planned across Europe to commemorate international refugee day (20June). These events will commence in UK on 18 June and end in Geneva 22 June.

International Refugee Day is an annual event launched by the United Nations to highlight the plight of millions of refugees worldwide who are forced to flee their homes.

It is organized in partnership with the Council for European Palestinian Relations (CEPR) and other NGOs, focusing on the legal, political and humanitarian aspects of the plight of Palestinian refugees.

The event on 22 June will be held during the UN Human Rights Councils second session at the UN office in Geneva.

Five MPs, who visit Palestine regularly, sometimes as members of PRC delegation to the region, will be amongst the panelist. Joining them is an UNRWA representatives and members of the refugee community.

Full Panel:

• Sir Gerald Kaufmann MP

• Andy Slaughter MP

• Jeremy Corbyn MP

• Ian Murray MP

• Andrew Love MP

• Ardi Imseis, Field Legal Officer with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA)

• Mohammed Al Hamid (Chair of PRC board of Trustees)

• Dr. Tariq Tahboob (Association of Palestinian Doctors in Europe)

Venue and time:

House of Common on Monday, 18th of June from 6.30pm to 9pm, Room (CR 15).

As befitting an organisation which supports the fascist and genocidally racist party, Hamas, the Palestinian Return Centre got itself into trouble inviting the prominent Hungarian fascist, and Jobbik MEP, Kristina Morvai to speak at a similar conference a couple of years ago.

These days, they’ve made their bed in the Labour Party instead and invited a series of Labour MPs to participate in their events.

Among those taking part in this event is Andy Slaughter MP.

Andy Slaughter is Shadow Justice Minister, and sits on the Labour Party’s frontbench. Although not all frontbenchers make it into Government, when the Party returns to power, many of them do.

Labour’s policy is to support a two states solution. Ed Miliband has made this clear many times, including to organisations supportive of the Palestinian cause.

However, that’s not the position of the Palestinian Return Centre, and the notion that the families of Palestinian refugees will “return” to Israel means that such a solution is an impossibility.

How can Labour’s commitment to a two state solution be believed, when its frontbenchers – not to mention its backbenchers – hobnob with Hamas and their supporters, and participate in conferences designed to torpedo such a settlement?

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