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Labour and Extremism: Jeremy Corbyn and Abdur Raheem Green

Readers of this blog will be familiar with the hate preacher Abdur Raheem Green and the repeated promotion of extremists by his “iERA” group, which includes his sidekick Yusuf Chambers.

What they may not have seen is this extraordinary video. It is a spiteful and sickening salute to a society where Muslims can treat non-Muslims like filth.

So it is impossible for a Muslim to believe in the unity of religions. Indeed whoever claims that the Jew and the Christian are our brethren in faith has without doubt made a statement of clear kufr [disbelief], of clear rejection of the most basic verses of the Quran. They have rejected the statement of Allah and they have not understood this deen [religion].

If we want to go into this, it’s easy for me to prove if anyone has knowledge that what I said is right, OK? For example, open Bukhari, you will find a hadith [a saying or act of Mohammed] that if you find the Jew or a Christian walking down the street, push them to the side.

It is well-known from what Umar Ibn Al-Khattab and the khulafa ar rashidin [rightly guided successors of Mohammed] used to implement, that the Jew and Christian was not allowed to ride on a horse when the Muslim is riding on a horse. They would have to walk.

Allah, he said in the Quran about the jizya [a tax paid only by non-Muslims in an Islamic state] that you, that fight the people of the book, Allah said, it’s in the Qur’an, fight the people of the book and those who do not believe that what Allah has made lawful as lawful and what Allah has made unlawful as lawful, until they pay the jizya and feel themselves subdued.

The purpose of the jizya is to make the Jew and the Christian know that they are inferior and subjugated to Islam, OK? In the Muslim state, although the Jew and Christian is free to practice their religion, this is allowed, but they cannot display their cross and even in the time of Umar they were not allowed to re-construct or construct new churches. All of this is to create an atmosphere where the, it is encouraging the people to come to iman [faith] and Islam, not to remain upon kufr and misguidance.

This is exactly the kind of hate preaching our society should oppose.

Not Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn. This July he will be teaming up with Green at a London conference. Wasim Kempson, an imam at the hatred centre that is London’s Al-Muntada mosque, will also speak at the event.

Is this just fine with Labour, like everything else Corbyn and his fellows in the party do to help, legitimate and promote extremists?

The only answer seems to be “yes, of course”.