Bob Lambert, Terrorist?

Does any of this really surprise anybody?

An MP has alleged an undercover police officer planted a fire bomb at a London department store in 1987.

Green MP Caroline Lucas said a jailed man, Geoff Sheppard, believed police officer Bob Lambert planted a device.

Mr Lambert infilitrated the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) in the late 1980s and his evidence helped convict two men of firebombing Debenhams stores in Harrow, Romford and Luton.

The MP used parliamentary privilege to make the allegation.

The BBC has sought to give Mr Lambert a right of reply, and is awaiting his response.

The full statement can be read here.

Bob Lambert is the man who ran the Muslim Contact Unit. He used it to promote his “contacts” within public life. These “contacts” were significantly drawn from theocratic Islamist parties, opposed utterly to equality and respect for fundamental human rights, and often with connections to terrorism – generally in countries other than the United Kingdom.

While promoting extremists, Lambert pushed – at the highest levels in Government – the thesis that the State should partner with activists in Islamist political parties, such as Jamaat e Islami and the Muslim Brotherhood, in order to outflank domestic terrorism. This approach greatly appealed to Quintan Wiktorowicz, at that time attached to the US Embassy in London, and now a key member of Obama’s National Security Council.

Bob Lambert disappeared from the Islamist ‘scene’ when it was revealed that he had been an agent provocateur in radical environmentalist groups in the 1980s. It then turned out that he had fathered and abandoned a child, within a sexual relationship which he had established as part of his cover.

You will find ample material on this man in the archives.

It is difficult to know whether Bob Lambert really believed in this thesis, or whether he had “gone native”. I wondered, some time back, whether the true attraction of Islamist politics is that it represents the only context in which it is still acceptable to express violently homophobic, misogynist and racist views about Jews.

The more I hear about Bob Lambert, however, the more convinced I am that he is a psychopath.

The real question is: how was he allowed to get away with this for so long. It is a remarkable scandal.

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