The Return of Kammo!

Some years ago, there was a clever chap called Oliver Kamm who ran a rather good blog which showcased some of his interesting ideas and opinions. This blog was worth reading, because Oliver Kamm is very well informed. He reads books, you see, instead of simply recycling googleknowledge.

Then, in 2008, Oliver Kamm became a Leader Writer at The Times. His blog moved to The Times as well. Thereafter, when News International put up a paywall – premised upon the not unreasonable theory that people should pay for their product – Oliver Kamm’s opinions were also obscured from the view of those of us who do not subscribe, but merely occasionally buy, The Times.

Well, the splendid news is that Kammo is back.

The Times has just launched a mini-opinion site, and it is not hidden behind a paywall. It doesn’t only contain choicest cuts of Kamm. Here are the contributors:

The site itself is here.