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Guardian publishes praise of Hamas from Palestine Telegraph writer

The Guardian has published a piece by Nader Elkhuzundar this evening. Elkhuzundar writes:

Hamas has always been the spike in Israel’s throat. The latter took advantage of this and tightened up the siege on the Gaza Strip, in the name of “self defence” and anti-terrorism acts. The Gazan border is almost always closed. […]

Hamas has slowly stripped the big families in the Gaza Strip of their weapons, which has made Gaza safer by almost eliminating the murders and by making accessible streets and neighbourhoods one couldn’t enter before.

Elkuzundar’s tweet:

best part about dying a martyr is that you get 72 hoor in jannah <3

Elkhuzundar maintains the Sleepless in Gaza blog. Some selections of his writings.

Kill a zionist“:

Nothing is more honoring yet dooming at the same time than being a Palestinian. It’s a bragging right you’re born with. Something many, many people would kill for. Kill a zionist of course. Don’t bother to explain to me how a lot better it is to exchange your Palestinian citizenship for an American one because if this means something it means that you’ve given up on Palestine, Palestinians, and more importantly the Palestinian cause. […] And if there’s a reason why you’re alive, it’s because you’re to help your brothers and sisters free Palestine. If you disagree, know that Palestine has disowned you. And once this happens, there’s no way back.

A friend’s poem he published:

Dear Israel,


I need to have this out.
I want to stomp out every grain of sand that has settled here,
Each illegal morsel that has forced itself in to my homeland,
Deflate any soul that is resisting my existence.
I won’t just fight, I will kill,
, to bring back, the truth of it all.

Elkhuzundar is a writer for the Palestine Telegraph.

The Palestine Telegraph is a racist paper, known for:

  • – Praising Gilad Atzmon’s “courageous” new book and ludicrously comparing Atzmon to Salman Rushdie.
  • – Publishing an antisemitic video by former KKK grand wizard David Duke. This proved too much even for Jenny Tonge, who resigned as a patron of the Palestine Telegraph.
  • Publishing a ridiculous story about Israelis stealing organs in Haiti after the earthquake.
  • More organ theft poison pieces on Ukraine and Israel.
  • Running an article claiming that World Wars 1 and 2 were both Jewish plots.
  • Promotion of Holocaust denier Fredrick Toben.
  • Running a piece by the racist Khalid “Kikes” Amayreh where he argues the USA is far more evil than Osama Bin Laden.
  • Marking Holocaust Memorial Day by publishing a revolting Israelis-are-Nazis screed by Gilad Atzmon.
  • Threatening legal action against “Nothing British About the BNP” when it criticised Habeeb for his role in inviting the fascist Jobbik MEP Krisztina Morvai to a London conference of the PRC.
  • Publishing another Israelis-are-Nazis slur and an absurd terrorism denial piece by Mahboob Khawaja. No wonder Khawaja engages in terrorism denial: his own son, Mohammed Momin Khawaja, was convicted in 2009 of taking part in the UK fertiliser bomb plot.

The Guardian saw fit to publish praise of Hamas from a Palestine Telegraph writer.

If you haven’t reached this point already, it is really time to stop being surprised at a “left-wing” paper publishing fascists and racists.

The Guardian represents a political movement, that takes Islamist versions of Anders Breivik, as its idols, and the Guardian uses its print to glorify terror and racism.

The Guardian is the cornerstone of the Breivik Left.