Another day, another massacre

This time Assad’s thugs murder at least 100 men, women and children in the village of al-Qubair near Hama.

Here’s the desperate plea of a survivor:

If you can stomach it (and it is literally sickening), here is video of the slaughtered.

Time reports:

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says U.N. monitors were shot at trying to get to the scene of the latest Syrian massacre.

The U.N. chief told the General Assembly on Thursday that the unarmed observers were initially denied access to the scene in central Hama and “were shot at with small arms” while trying to get there. He did not mention any casualties.

Ban said each day in Syria sees more “grim atrocities” and for many months it has been evident that President Bashar Assad and his government “have lost all legitimacy.”

Ban said any regime that tolerates killings such as last month’s massacre of more than 100 civilians in Houla and Wednesday’s attack in Hama “has lost its fundamental humanity,” and he condemned “this unspeakable barbarity.”

I suppose there are those on the Right and the Left who will tell us once again that this isn’t our problem– that anything we do would only make things worse. I don’t believe that, but I’m almost too numb to argue about it any more.

But wouldn’t it be grimly satisfying to substitute these videos and eyewitness accounts from Syria for some of the propaganda exhibits and films at Palestine Place?

Meanwhile Seumas Milne– who doesn’t seem to read (or believe) his own newspaper’s first-rate reporting of the Syrian regime’s atrocities– can’t bring himself to utter a disapproving word about Assad and company. (He apparently thinks there is genuine doubt about which side committed the Houla massacre.) Of course he has no problem blaming the US, the UK, the Gulf states and Israel for anything bad that is happening or might happen.

And of course Socialist Unity (direct links from HP forbidden by SU) saw fit to publish Milne’s piece without a word of disagreement.

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