More antisemitism at Electronic Intifada: Sacha Baron Cohen is a “Zionist shill”

Steven Salaita writes for the Electronic Intifada:

What is Baron Cohen, then? Lots of descriptors work: a gifted role-player, an excellent self-promoter, a potty-mouthed prankster, a religious zealot, a white male who uses his privileges of race and gender to exploit people who cannot access those privileges.

There is one descriptor that is too infrequently applied to him: Zionist shill.

His commitment to Zionism … places him in Hollywood’s safest political space, that of fealty to Israel, a space in which the title of maverick loses all significant meaning.

Of course!

You have to love this line:

If his ethnic typologies are unoriginal, then his dictator’s complaints about Hollywood Zionists are completely banal.

Former leader of the KKK, David Duke, liked this post (cached link).

Commentary by David Duke –A recent, excellent article in the Electronic Intafida by Steven Salaita exposes the Jewish supremacism and racism of Sacha Baron Cohen, otherwise known as Ali G, Bruno, Borat, and his latest film, The Dictator.

A few years Sasha Cohen, in his character of rapper Ali G, asked to interview me. As an American I never saw his British show and consented to the interview totally unaware that he was a complete Jewish supremacist shyster. Interestingly enough, even with his ambush, he and his Jewish producers realized his interview of me didn’t turn out as he had planned, as I articulately gave out too much information exposing Zionism and Judaic extremists like him.

So, you won’t find my interview included in the compilations of his Ali G Show! He didn’t want his audience to see that his planned ambush of me turned into a fiasco for him!

Steven Salaita exposes in his article which is linked below, the extreme ethnic racism of this radical, supremacist Jew. It  validates once again my books on articles on why the worldwide Zionist power in media is an implacable enemy of not only the Europeans and the Palestinians but all humanty! It also shows how the force of the Jewish-dominated media covers up his Zionist motives in the new film, The Dictator.

Maybe Salaita would say that David Duke is wrong, and he’s only talking about Zionists not Jews.

Then again, Salaita is himself a creep, and thinks that Jews have “racialised” themselves.

Reviewing the pro-Hitler, antisemitic and revisionist book of Gilad Atzmon, The Wandering Who, Salaita gives it 3/5 on GoodBooks:

This is an extremely interesting read. Atzmon is rarely boring, a seminal quality for a nonfiction writer. He’s unafraid to be forthright, another important quality.

I found some problems with his generalizations about ethnic identity politics. His understanding of racial realities in the United States (and elsewhere) is generally poor and sometimes infuriating.

Atzmon is at his best when deconstructing the idiotic rationales for Zionism and describing just how harmful the (self-inflicted) racialization of Jews has been for various communities.

He also has a good sense of humor.

If you’re wondering what other antisemitism is kicking around on the Electronic Intifada, other contributing authors include the racist Ben White, who wants to boycott Jews based on the fact he dislikes Howard Jacobson’s face, and Sonja Karkar, who thinks Jews will bring about the next Holocaust upon themselves.

Don’t expect Ali Abunimah to be too bovvered.