Live from Aleppo

Guest post by DaveM

Here’s something which made me smile, apparently uploaded from Syrian State TV.

Watch what happens to their Aleppo correspondent.

A local guy hits him with a shoe, shouting, “The Syrian TV is a liar!”

Anchorwoman (off camera): “Shadi Helwa, thank you very much.”

Anchorman (on camera):
“Viewers, that was our correspondent Shadi Helwa from Aleppo. And what we’ve just seen in that clip demonstrates the ‘democracy’ which a lot of people are demanding, both those inside this country and outside it.

“We go back to Shadi Helwa….. Shadi?”

[moment’s silence]

Correspondent (off camera): “This! Yes! Osama, Osama..”

Update: MEMRI has a longer clip.

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