Central Africa

Child Body Parts in Faith Medicine

It is a year since he was identified by the only individual to have been arrested – and subsequently released – in relation to his horrific murder and almost three years since the individual suspected of smuggling him into this country was convicted of unrelated offenses. Yet, to date, no convictions have taken place for the ritualistic murder/dismemberment of five year old Ikpomwosa aka Boy Adam.

Although the investigation has not dropped of the MSM’s radar, the most consistent coverage from a single newspaper I can find is that of the Daily Mail. It carries an interview with Richard Hoskins whose specialist knowledge of African animist religions was sought by Police investigating Ikpomwosa’s murder. There he recounts the temptation which he faced and declined to engage with animal sacrifice in an attempt to save his infant daughter whilst living in western DR Congo.

Another case involving use of child body parts for ritualistic purposes which is likely to be resolved much quicker is the arrest of a British citizen in Thailand. Chow Hok Kue is reported to have been carrying dessicated corpses or foetuses in his luggage; although it appears unlikely that they were murdered for these purposes.

Earlier this month, tens of thousands of capsules containing powdered baby flesh were seized by South Korean customs officials. The Daily Telegraph reported that no sickness had been reported from ingesting such faith medication, although I can suggest that some is involved with those selling them.

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