Richard Millett Assaulted, Abused At SOAS Anti-Israel Event

Richard Millett is a blogger who attends anti-Israel hatefests, and reports on the hysterical and often racist rhetoric which is commonplace at such events.

We are grateful to him. Were it not for Richard’s preparedness to wade through this sewer, we would have little idea of the extremism which is routinely promoted at British universities.

At last night’s event, involving Abdel Bari Atwan – famous for saying: “If the Iranian missiles strike Israel, by Allah, I will go to Trafalgar Square, and dance with delight” or Oxford University’s “one state” advocate Dr. Karma Nabulsi, Richard had his property grabbed, while he was abused as “a typical Israeli” and subjected to a slow handclap. Their intention was, clearly, to intimidate Richard and discourage him from filming the public event.

This took place at SOAS, a British University: Richard Millett’s alma mater. It is unacceptable that this should have happened.

The bullying and intimidation of Richard Millett is now a routine event. Last week, at another anti-Israel event at the University of London Union, he was confronted by the anti-Israel activist, Yael Kahn who told him to leave saying:

“We don’t want you. You’ve been undermining people’s meetings. You interfere with people’s freedom of speech. We don’t want you here. Goodbye to you. We don’t want you. You are here for one purpose; to interrupt and to undermine people. I’ve seen you many times. I’ve seen you in action many times. You’re not invited.”

Once I told her that I wasn’t leaving as it was a public meeting and that she should have arranged the meeting in her home she shuffled off to chair the event instead.

Richard Millett always behaves with absolute propriety and avoids confrontation. The reason that Richard Millett is attacked in this manner is, quite simply, because these guys don’t want others to know what they get up to. It has nothing to do with freedom of speech: their motive is a desire to hide their conduct. Perhaps they are ashamed of themselves. They should be.

Please consider complaining to the Director of SOAS, Professor Paul Webley – email – pw2@soas.ac.uk tel – 0207 898 4014.

Read Richard’s account, and see more video here.