Andy Slaughter tells the PSC to “keep up the fight”


“We have in Israel now, a Far Right government that has an unprecendented level of support among the Israeli people, we have a very weak opposition, a very weak Left in Israel. We have a US election here, which always means that any control of the Israelis, is neutered by the dealings whoever is seeking election to win the various layers[?] of vote in the US”

“We also see an increase in popular support across the world […] because of the work that people like you do here, in telling the truth about Palestine […] the reaction to that from Israel […] to be more aggressive on a propaganda level, which is why organisations like the PSC are now demonised by the Israelis and their supporters in this country.”

And then:

“13 Israelis were killed and over 1400 Palestinians were killed […] the disproportionately […] is disguised by the Western media”

“You inspired myself, my colleagues”

“Well done for everything that you’ve done, and let’s keep up the fight”

Imagine a scenario where Ken Clarke saying something as vile and incendiary as this – for example, telling the EDL to “keep up the fight”, telling them they’ve got Pakistan scared, which explains is why the EDL are being smeared by British Pakistanis.

Imagine Ken Clarke praising the EDL for inspiring him.