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Pro-Chavez TV host loses his mind on the air

And he’s not the one they are investigating.

The BBC reports:

A Venezuelan crossword compiler has been questioned by intelligence agents after being accused of hiding a coded assassination message in a puzzle.

Neptali Segovia denies using his crossword in the national newspaper Ultimas Noticias to incite the murder of President Hugo Chavez’s brother, Adan.

Answers to clues included the words “kill”, “gunfire” and “Adan”.

The accusation was made by a pro-government television commentator.
The accusation against him was made earlier this week by television pundit Miguel Angel Perez Pirela, who presents a programme on the state channel VTV.

He said a team of psychologists and mathematicians had concluded that the Spanish-language crossword contained a coded assassination plot against President Chavez’s brother Adan.

“These sorts of messages were used a lot during World War II,” he said, comparing it to secret codes used by the French Resistance.

Watch it here:

Daniel Duquenal explains that the newspaper accidentally printed the answers where the blank crossword was supposed to be. He notes that the answer to one of the clues is “Rabat,” which Perez Pirela identified as a Jewish holiday (presumably the date of the imaginary plot). Unfortunately for Perez Pirela’s theory, there is no such Jewish holiday, although there is a Moroccan capital city by that name. However it did give Perez Pirela the chance to add a sinister Jewish element to the “plot.”

Evidence that the uncertain state of Chavez’s health is driving some of his fervent supporters into mental collapse?

Of course Perez Pirela is not the first TV host to lose his mind on the air.

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