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Sisters fight back against Hyatt sacking decision

Last year Martha Reyes and her sister Lorena, both working as housekeepers at the Santa Clara Hyatt, were sacked shortly after they had complained about offensive posters, in which their faces had been superimposed onto pictures of bikini-clad women.  These posters had allegedly been made by hotel managers, and used in order to mock and humiliate the women. The sisters tore down the posters but were made to replace them. A few weeks later both were sacked:

They were fired for allegedly taking too long on their lunch break. But we don’t buy that excuse for a second. Here’s why:

Martha and Lorena worked at that hotel as housekeepers for 7 and 24 years respectively. During that time, the Reyes sisters were good employees. On the day she was fired, the HR Director told Martha she was an “excellent worker” and that there hadn’t been any complaints about her. Before the day Lorena was fired, she had never in her 24 years been written up for a single break violation.

Here is a piece about other perceived problems with the Hyatt chain. Do consider signing this petition – it’s to be delivered next week, so don’t delay!

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